Youth Against Tribalism in Africa

"The Ultimate Fight Against Tribalism"  

YATIA is currently undertaking the following activities to bring tribal youth together and educate them on the effect of tribalism:

We formulated the following activities stream as to raise awareness against Tribalism and educate the youth on the negative impact of tribalism:

These activities are presently in our targeted communities (Lofa County, Grand Gedeh County and Grand Bassa County and soon in Bong and Rivercess Counties)  in Liberia:

Sporting Activities
  • Football
  • Basket ball
  • volley ball
  • Track and Field
  • Bicycle racing etc.
Indoor Activities:
  • Singing Contest
  • Drama 
  • High School quizzing
  • Social Counselling
  • Human Rights Education
  • High School Press Club
  • palaver hut discussion on peace building by Matthew Fred and Colleagues

Due to the lack of donors and support, some of these activities are presently limited to certain targeted areas in Liberia.

YATIA, this newly found peace building youth organization is seeking assistance from any reputable, local or international donors, NGOs, individuals or organizations to enhance her projects in seeking her goals. These projects will be carried out in all targeted communities that YATIA will be established.

  1. Construction of a four (4) room building that will include: offices, a Mini-library, bathrooms and awareness/practicing hall
  1. The Construction of our Youth Palaver Management hut in affected communities
  1. And also funding/materials for "Workshops" on Tribalism (educating the youth on the effect of tribalism).
  1. These targeted communities include: Lofa, Grand Gedeh, and Grand Bassa Counties. And will soon in Bong and Rivercess Counties.