Youth Against Tribalism in Africa

"The Ultimate Fight Against Tribalism"  



YATIA was founded by Matthew M. Fred when he was bitterly humiliated by other tribal groups during and after the Liberian civil crisis, especially when he traveled to the North and South eastern regions of Liberia. He survived those humiliations and on returned to his home town in West southern Liberia a vision was borne. It first started as YATIL (Youth Against Tribalism in Liberia) but he perceived that the entire continent was been ruined by this great primitive and ignorant behavior. On September 3, 2006 his dream did not work due to lack of contacts and financial depression as young Matthew M. Fred was only 22; no one ever look or listen to what he was saying.Three years later a dream was reborn and he came up into founding YATIA (Youth Against Tribalism in Africa) with no assistance from any reputable individuals or organizations. Hence, YATIA came into being on December 9, 2009 by young Matthew M. Fred and his colleagues some of whom are victims and witnesses to this global discrimination (TRIBALISM).