Youth Against Tribalism in Africa

"The Ultimate Fight Against Tribalism"  

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Mission Statement

YATIA is a nondiscriminatory, nonprofitable peacebuilding and human rights organization founded against what is believed to be one of the major problems facing sub-Saharan Africa (Tribalism). With that, YATIA was founded to address issues pertaining to Tribalism and any other form of injustices and discrimination against humanity on the continent of Africa.


YATIA envisages an African Continent in which there will be a total eradication of Tribalism (Ethnicity), discrimination and any other form of injustice practices against humanity; aimed at building a pacific and cohesive African continent that will adopt a peaceful and nonviolent society.

Our Goals:

  • Promoting total peace in Africa among Africans

  • Making Africa a habitat, not a hostile ground

  • Bringing Africans to one peaceful mindset

  • Transforming Africa from a place of “fear” to a place of “peace”

  • Creating unity, and togetherness among Africans from different backgrounds around the world.

  • Encouraging love among Tribal African groups

  • Ending conflicts among tribal groups through dialogue and conflict resolution

  • Bringing African together as one person

  • Making Africa a harmless paradise free of Tribalism

  • Eradicating discrimination and social injustices among marginalized groups

  • Promoting Gender equality and the rights of women and girls of diverse backgrounds.

Brief History Of Tribalism

Tribalism is the discrimination and animosities caused by tribal groups among each other that create social, economic, physical, emotional, and religious sabotage within their society. The history of tribalism started decades ago when our forefathers were domesticating, killing and selling themselves as slaves, despite they spoke different tongues, stay within the same kingdom, same culture, same skin color, same continent, they still hated each other, kill each other and had inborn hatred for one another. Today modern tribalism still exists and is contributing towards the underdevelopment of our continent. The continent of Africa has given the world a rich tradition of folktales, music, arts, and architecture. However, its countries differences are great which mostly comprise of many ethnic groups, religions, languages and economic system that separate them. These differences have to lead to conflict, between countries and among ethnic groups within countries on the continent that brought about the lack of economic development in most African countries which is a long-standing issue. Because of tribalism; war, hunger, animosity, poverty, hatred, destruction and corruption has made our continent their dwelling place. In many countries in Africa, tribalism is still a major problem. Example: Rwanda, Burundi, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Somalia, Kenya, Ghana, Zaire, Central African Republic, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Angola and etc. Because of tribalism, some Africans are unable to move freely, speak freely in open places, despite they all have the same origin. However, YATIA is striving and struggling to give Africa its true and unique identity by making it a paradise free of guns, wars, poverty, destruction, and violence. Therefore, let us salute and embrace YATIA in helping to transform Africa from continent of war to the continent of “PEACE”.