Youth Against Tribalism in Africa

"The Ultimate Fight Against Tribalism"  

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Our Policy

As a Member of YATIA please take note on the following and be governed.


As YATIA is a non-discriminative peace building organization, no member of YATIA must discriminate, on the basis of race, color, tribe or religion.


No member of YATIA is allow to be a part of any illegal activities, such as  Drugs Trafficking, Human Trafficking or any cult or act  that is not peaceful to human nature.


All members of YATIA must respect each other views and must be able to resolve conflicts when ever, wherever and in any situation in the name of peace.


Anyone who is a member of YATIA must be non-violent, intelligent and should never allow their emotions to overcome their reasoning, as YATIANS we are peace makers and not ANNIHILATORS OF PEACE.


No member of YATIA should participate in any political discussion that will cause bias to the organizationsí aim, because if our bias leads us to make unfair judgments based on tribe or religion, this is discrimination.


As member of YATIA, it is important to keep our minds and hearts open, and should always show respect for other peopleís feelings and positions.


All members of YATIA should always depersonalized each otherís problem, by not blaming or accusing each other but discuss the problem without emotions, because whenever we are involved in a problem, it is very easy to respond to anger or sadness, or emotional heat. This may result in convulsive behaviors which may cause more predicaments in future.


All members of YATIA must build trust and confidence in each other which is a good example of peace building through eradicating tribalism that will lead them to submissiveness and not aggressiveness.



No member of YATIA may be bought by any political activist to be used for campaign purposes as YATIA is a non-political group.